The pinky hull form has always been a favorite of mine, and Iíve never understood why Americans chose foreign double-enders over a native model that is undoubtedly one of the finest sea boats in the world.  They are extremely seaworthy and seakindly, work under short rig to windward when others are sagging off badly, yet are fine light weather sailers despite their heavy displacement. Design shown above is DUNMOWEN.

48' steel pinky, TUSITALLA, (ex-AURORA), on a broad reach, a point of sail where pinkies shine.  She was restored to her original schooner rig when rebuilt by her new owner.







TUSITALLA again in a fresh breeze, reefed down.  One of the many advantages of the schooner rig is the ability to reef down while still keeping a good luff on the foresail.




53' TEMUJIN built at Port Harvey on Craycroft Island, British Columbia was rigged as a 3 mast schooner using the Chinese lug rig. Her Pinky bulwarks and transom were much wider than the traditional Pinky schooners and thus formed a small gallery. This gave a better sheeting base and lessened the likelihood of the sheets going overboard when the sail was lowered and if the propeller was turning of the sheets fouling it. I dislike the Chinese lug sail on the typical double ender as it requires a rather unsightly pipe frame work to obtain the required sheeting base which does not prevent them from ending up in the water when lowering the sail. The double ended junks in China are of a hull shape that will support very large gallery widths.

My pinky stock designs range from 36í to 53í.  With the exception of a 42-footer, which was built in wood, the remainder are steel multi-chine designs.  The deep reefs shown above are not for looks.  They are there because the vessel has a hull shape that can keep sailing in the really heavy weather.  Under the schooner rig, she can be handled by one person, even in the larger sizes.  Contrary to general opinion, the gaff rig is as easy to handle, if not easier, than most jib-headed rigs.  Up to 600 sq.ft. in any one sail, the halyards can be single; above that, double.  The main gaff topsail and fisherman staysail are excellent light weather additions, simple to set and handle.  In heavy weather, the pinky works well under foresail alone, and can be hove-to with a triple reef in her foresail and the helm lashed.