DESIGNS:      Vessels for Circumnavigation

Another family of designs includes vessels designed specifically for circumnavigation. They range in size from 44 to 58.  

Others in this family are double-ended and canoe-sterned vessels of round bottom steel construction. The first of three identical vessels with a canoe stern was ALSANAL (design shown), which was followed by WAHINE, and she was followed by CELESTIAL QUEEN.  WAHINE made a circumnavigation after a varied life, including work as a research vessel in the Arctic. ALSANAL, built in 1959, made numerous trans-Atlantic passages, was in the charter business in Turkey, and is now chartering in the South Pacific. Her successor, ALSANAL TOO, had an identical rig since the owner had an extra suit of sails; however, she was 52 on deck and was a noted passagemaker. She made a circumnavigation, the average age of the crew being in the 70s. At the last moment, her plans were altered from steel to ferro-cement, and she was built in Ecuador.