Cargo Fishing Schooners


This family of wooden cargo fishing schooners was very popular right after WWII. The 42í AIDA was built a number of times without an engine. A very small focísle that accommodated two people, sometimes three, a rather large cargo hatch, and the quarterhouses were the only obstructions on the main deck The cargo hold extended from the aft end of the focísle to the forward end of the quarterhouses. In the beginning, a few of these vessels had topmasts, but the later ones were baldheaded and had only four lower sails with which to work, as this reduced the size of the crew. The picture shows AIDA as a fishing vesselónote the hatch just forward of the mainmast.

The 52í6Ē CHIEF APTAKISTIC has been built with and without power. The accommodation plan shows her as a yacht, retaining the midship cargo hold but used as a double stateroom. The last few built to this design also changed over to a baldheaded rig since they had an engine. Two were built of ferro-cement and one was built in steel. In the steel version, I found it desirable to straighten out the profile of the keel for ease of building.