Light displacement, all-purpose type of hull:

This family started with GAZELLE, a 42’ ocean cruising schooner. I designed and built her for my own use, and wrote an article for RUDDER Magazine, called “My Ideal Blue Water Cruiser.” This article has been reprinted in COASTWISE AND OFFSHORE CRUISING WRINKLES. With a family of five aboard, I needed enough room to sleep them plus a guest because usually one of the children would bring a guest aboard.  My original intention was to go out for 90 to 120 day voyages and still be able to enjoy her as a day sailer and weekender. These were secondary to the primary purpose, which was ocean voyaging. Over 700 of these vessels that we know about have been built, mostly in steel and some in aluminum. I did a round bottom version for wood construction, and a number have been built to these plans. As to rigs, the one shown on the drawing has been the most popular, i.e., the junk-rigged schooner; however, several have been built as gaff ketches and gaff schooners.

This photo shows a Gazelle hull with a Bahamian ketch rig, although her masts are placed schooner fashion. All rigs have worked perfectly on this design.




This photo shows an owner-built GAZELLE


By going to Light Displacement, you will see pictures of larger vessels of my design.